Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Could Kim Kardashian be pulling a fast one on everyone? What's the likelihood that she's just been eating really good, maybe "too" good, just to put on the appearance of a pregnant, mother-to-be in order to have a fake pregnancy? We've heard this story before with other celebrities.

 Media Take Out has a theory:
There is a new report out today by the website Celeb Dirty Laundry. They surmise that Kim is faking her pregnancy. How? you ask. Well here is their THEORY: [So will Kim Kardashian have a fake pregnancy ala Beyonce? Come on, we all know Bey had a surrogate... especially after her Australian TV appearance where her belly seemed to flip inside out momentarily. Hey to each her own... but why lie about it. Yes, I did see the white bikini photo of B, but that was clearly a photo-op and anyone can push out their belly a little. How could Kim pull it off and why? Well, for one, Kim's baby daddy Kanye West and Beyonce's husband Jay-Z are BFF's so the idea was probably brought up by Yeezy. Bey seemed to have gotten away with it and retained her nice tight figure, perhaps Kanye thought Kim should do it to. Come on, we all know that once Kim actually has a baby she is going to blow up. Kanye knows that too, so he was trying to be proactive about things and gave her the idea to have someone else ruin their body and Kim could have all the joy and glory. It would not have been that hard. Kim was taking steps to harvest her eggs, so clearly she had a plan already. I don't believe that plan included freezing her eggs, but to actual put them in another woman's basket.]  (Media Take Out)

This seems a bit extreme, even for Media Take Out. To think that KimYe would just want to go the whole sneaky route in having a baby? What's the harm in adopting? There's tons of famous Hollywood icons that have adopted children. Putting eggs into another woman? Sounds fishy?
So what do you think?

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